Interview by S. Rosenkvist. April 2018

If I’m sincere, I’d never thought about those things before, I’m only painting in the way I feel I need to paint because it’s a tool to work-out my thoughts. I admire those artists that have a very strong definition and theory about their own works, I don’t. My painting is the reason of my past, my present, my unknown future and who I am.

Skarno's interview 2019. (Italian).

Sei un artista autodidatta. Oltre a un gran talento, serve una forte volontà per riuscire a condursi attraverso un percorso che immagino difficile. Cosa ti spinge? Quali sono gli ostacoli che hai incontrato e come li hai superati?

LeCool interview. 2016. Spanish.

Llegamos al taller de Otero, donde nos recibe mientras se limpia de las manos los restos de color de una de sus últimas obras. El espacio es pequeño y las pinturas numerosas, y en las paredes cuelgan pinturas de su obra iniciática envolviendo una fotografía de su abuelo en actitud cómica. Mientras aparta lápices de color de la mesa, aprovecho para fisgonear la estantería donde, entre cuatro libros de arte, descubro un enorme volumen sobre anatomía.

Artospective magazine interview.

I grew up on a family with special love for arts, my great grandfather was a professional photographer and writer on the 30’s, he was mentioned as one of the best vanguard photographers by the Spanish press. I never meet him, but he was very important person to my grandfather, he learned of him to appreciate all the artistic disciplines, and he transferred this passion to the rest of the family.